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August 18, 2016

Christian Church Historians: What to Look for This generation speaks of many people who do not clearly understand the history of the Christian church. This is exactly why a congregation should have a Christian church historian who is skilled in organizing the church’s documents and records. So what are the responsibilities of a Christian church historian? First of all, he should display traits of spiritual gifts and qualifications that will help him accomplish the task at hand. Some of the spiritual gifts he should have include proper knowledge, discernment, organization, and a heart for servanthood. He should also have excellent communication skills whether he’s in front of the aged or younger people. Finally, he should be able to plan and organize programs where he can share what he has learned and researched on regarding the church’s history. A historian analyzes the church’s historical materials and collections so he can have a clear picture of which areas are in need of updates or which should be preserved. He is the one responsible of interpreting the material to the church, including the younger ones.
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A Christian church historian will ensure that all records are in order so the church members will have good material to share with the following generations.
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He will organize a group of people who can help with collecting materials and palpable information which will then be added to the church’s historical records and documents. This team will work to obtain ample information from church members and outsiders who are knowledgeable about the church’s history, significant events, and beginnings. They should also be leading the annual Heritage Sunday’s activities. A historian leads the history ministry team all throughout the year and will discuss important matters during meetings and conferences. If your congregation is looking for someone who will be able to work on the church’s historical records, acquire one who shares the church’s hopes and concerns so you can rest assured that you have the right person handling the most important documents. Acquire the services of someone who will listen intently to tales of members who’ve been in the church for a long time and those who were present during the most important events held by the church. Generally, long-time members will have a lot to share about the church’s history and beginnings. One very significant thing you should watch out for when speaking with a potential Christian church historian is his purpose. A trustworthy historian will only want to give the congregation facts and genuine information so the church’s history will be given the justice it deserves. When going through source materials, the historian should also be able to examine integrity and genuineness, especially when he’s in the process of discussing with potential witnesses who will contribute to his research. The road to finding the right Christian church historian may get rocky sometimes but if you know just what to look for, the congregation can be assured that the church’s historical records will be preserved with integrity and presented with all honesty.